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Garmany Golf

Pricing Widget & Quote Tool


Garmany Golf is a premium golf travel company specializing in curated golf vacations, experiences, and events at renowned global golf destinations.

We created a web widget enabling visitors to explore destinations, courses, and hotels, and instantly construct and price their ideal "bucket list" travel experience.

As a result, their lead generation has tripled, quotation efficiency has improved, and leads are now seamlessly integrated into their CRM.


Select Destination and Region


Select Courses and Hotels


Lead Form Entry

The Admin Portal

Additionally, we developed a backend portal for managing an extensive database of golf courses, hotels, and more. This portal doubles as a rapid quotation tool, converting destination selections into instant quotes.


Building PDFs

One large part of the experience requires us to generate automatic PDFs that download in the users browser, or are sent from an admin. These PDFs are built based on the courses and hotels in pricing compiled from each quote.

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